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Quickie: Case Insensitive WordPress Login

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Do you have a locked down WordPress site that has a case-sensitive login even though the Googles are telling you that in WordPress 2.8 they went case-insensitive? Most likely you have John Kolbert’s nice Absolute Privacy plugin installed. It just needs a minor fix.

Edit absolute_privacy.php. Easiest way is through the admin interface under Edit Plugins. Change this line:

[code lang=”php”]
if ( !$user || ($user->user_login != $username) ) {

To this:

[code lang=”php”]
if ( !$user || (strtolower($user->user_login) != strtolower($username)) ) {

Now you can log in with whatever case you like.

Written by Scott

May 10th, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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